ExoTerra - Introduction

Mantra: Quality is everything.

Dear Community,

Thank you for your patience, and welcome to ExoTerra! The time has finally arrived for me to reveal what ExoTerra is all about. The details provided below are not intended to be overly-specific, but the team is committed to maintaining transparency and involving our community as we begin this journey together.


  1. Description

ExoTerra is a AAA-Quality Crypto Gaming project that incorporates unique 3D NFT-based characters and attributes in a simultaneous turn-based arena battler

  • ExoDAO | Community-Focused
  • Crypto Gaming | Simultaneous Turn-Based Arena Battler | Metaverse
  • 3D NFT | Characters, Armors, Abilities, FX and Animations
  • Characters | Multiple Armor Classes
  • Armor and Gear | Head, Shoulders, Torso, Arms, Legs and Accessories
  • Rarities | Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Cosmic
  • Armor Forge | Combine/Separate Armor and Gear
  • Upgrade System | Gear Rarity and Gear Ranks
  • 3D Printed Collectibles | Talis Protocol Collab


2. Roadmap

Quality takes time.

ExoTerra’s development will be divided into multiple phases. Specific details of each phase will be revealed as the project grows. (Topics aren’t in order)

Phase 1: Visuals first

  • Project Introduction | Medium
  • Game | Game Doc One-Pager (https://bit.ly/3vyrly3)
  • Discord | DOXX and AMA
  • Game | Team and Community Brainstorming
  • Develop visuals of the game with first wave of funds.
  • Fake Footage Gameplay Trailer to reach for second wave of funds

Phase 2: With the inflow of engagement and funds from Phase 1 results

  • Recruitment | Building Programmation Team and Partnerships
  • Focus on the back-end of the game, gameplay coding, servers, etc.
  • Partnerships to start build the best in-game economy

Phase 3:

  • Marketing | Cinematic, Gameplay Trailers, Forge Showcase, Abilities and Armors Spotlight
  • Beta Testing
  • NFT Redeemed for In-Game Armor Parts
  • Pre-Launch and Early Access to ExoCompetents and ExoBlacksmiths
  • Final Launch

If you like what you’ve read and you want to be a part of the ExoTerra Community, stay tuned for the Discord announcement.

Thank you for your time and interest in ExoTerra

Joey | LUNAtic | AAA Game Industry Developer | 3D Character Artist | ExoTerra CEO and Art Director

OnePlanet Contest Entries as a surprise for the readers!

(Draft Character Models below)



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