ExoTerra | Update 1.0

Launch Date: March 5th, 00:01 UTC
Supply: 3000 Armors
Price: 3 $LUNA (TBD)
Max Cap: 3 Mints

Minting Rounds

  1. First-Comers (2 Mints max) — WL Winners

| Discord Launch Date |

wen discord?
-John NoMoore

Discord will Launch on March 1st around 6:00PM, GMT.

This will mark an important day for ExoTerra and yourselves, dear #ExoCompetents and #ExoNovices.

It will be a good first moment for each one of us to gather all together and speak freely. I want to read all your questions, thoughts and concerns regarding ExoTerra, Game or ExoForges.

I want to also take the time to apologize for neglecting the importance of Discord before a project Launch. I had different plans which were great to gather the community together post-launch and joining Discord, but it also came with a big downside which is leaving you guys with so little information and having no straightforward way to express yourselves.

| ExoForges Concept |

Think of ExoForges as a Kickstarter 2.0

Early Supporters get rewarded with multiple long-term promises in exchange for community funding and support. Why 2.0? Well, you get to receive special rewards right away.

ExoForges Core-02 | ExoCompetents

First Forges to go live.

To become a Legendary ExoBlacksmith, it takes determination and sacrifices.
Of the four elements, Man stole only one from the gods. Fire. And with it, man forged his will upon the world.

There will be 10 unique ExoForges out of this Core.

  • The Rising Spartans

Members that join ranks in any of these ExoForges are named ExoCompetents. To maintain this role and aspire to become more, these Competent Blacksmiths need to hold at least one (1) Core-02 Armor.

  • This Armor is given to any member that wish to mint during Launch Phase

ExoCompetents will benefit from multiple privileges during the Game Production simply by holding.

  • 3D PFP Avatar

ExoComponents | In-Game Core Gameplay Loop

The ExoComponents was the original idea for the first Mint, where minters could get their hands on different Armor Parts, and build their own unique Armors.


Decision was made to keep this important feature for in-game purposes, as it is going to be the number one core gameplay loop of the game. Forge, Loot or Buy and Create your unique Armor. More in-depth details to discuss about this in the next Articles.

Also, we didn’t want the Community to lose interest in an NFT that would be useful ‘X’ years from now.


Funding the Game. Founding the Community

I won’t pretend to be a crypto next level brainer, but here what are my first steps plan for the ExoDAO.
Always open to smart suggestions.

Mint Funds

The idea is to deposit 95% of the funds from all Minting Events into a Treasury called ANVIL.

ANVIL | Forging the Future

The funds will be used for several operations.

Game Development

  • Recruitment

Community Engagement

  • Special NFTs Airdrops

For now it is basic, but these are the major lines.

‘HEY HO! Where is the other 5% going!’


Seriously, I’m allowing myself to take a tiny part of the pie to reward myself a bit for all the past hours put on founding ExoTerra.

Game | Overview

Building a Legacy.

From what I’ve seen so far, a lot of projects out there are claiming to be what they are not (from my Game Dev’s eyes). What I claim ExoTerra to become is a AAA-Quality Game with a real Gaming Experience that promotes Fun, Challenges and Adversity before Money.

One major problem for P2E games is that players onboard for money instead of entertainment. ExoTerra aims to fix this by rooting for the good ol’ unique gaming essence. Offline Rewards — More on this later down the road.

ExoTerra seeks to become the ‘Mario Party’ of the Metaverses. Think of one massive social area that is the ExoWorld. From this Exoworld, you can play different ‘Mario Party — Mini Games’.

Instead of starting with unrealistically big impossible Metaverse. Starts REALISTICALLY impossible big with a ‘Mini Game’ first.

ExoTerra |Simultaneous Turn-Based Arena Battler

Game Overview

  • Arena Battler

Will be covering the entire Game Concept in an other Medium Article dedicated only to this.

Let’s see us all together on Discord, can’t wait to exchange with you, and learn about you guys!

— Joey, Founder and Artist



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